Welcome to Towny Warzone!


On this server players will find themselves submerged in a different type of Minecraft experience. One can see that there is much to do around here. You can,


  • Travel throughout the land
  • PVP
  • Grief in the wilderness
  • Kill mobs in search for relics
  • Build a town and become the Mayor
  • Wage war
  • Create a clan 
  • Hunt down your enemies
  • Go on raids
  • Have fun with friends 
  • Grind cash to be the player with the top balance
  • Put out a hit on another player’s town and make it a warzone
  • Forge alliances to bolster a nation
  • Trade  with the /trade command


This server is run by donations. Please take this into consideration when purchasing a product from the store. When a player donates, it goes to help pay for further server development and maintenance costs. Support the server if you would like to see it grow. Towny Warzone is currently in the Alpha. The server will be in the Beta in the following months to come. Enjoy your stay and thank you for stopping by.