1. Minecrafters from any country are allowed to play on this server. However, It is required that players speak English in general chat and advertisement chat. You are allowed to speak any language in local chat, town chat, group chat, and private message.
  2. Feel free to ask a helper about any questions you have. If you require the help of someone who can roll back a grief in a town, then feel free to request the help of a mod or an admin. If you need staff right away, please do the command /helpop (message). Players who abuse this system will be dealt with accordingly.
  3. If you do not follow the rules you will receive a 15-minute or longer mute. After you have been muted, if you continue to argue with staff and don’t listen to what they tell you then this is punishable by a three-day ban. If you continue to be a problem, then you will be permanently banned. Get permanently banned three times on my server then you will be IP banned. Three strikes and you’re out! You will not be able to pay your way back in as it is against policy to sell players an unban. Incorporate the following rules into your gameplay whilst on this server, please.
  4. This is a dog eat dog player versus player orientated server. Towns are allowed to go to war with other towns. Nation owners, co-kings, mayors, assistants, and other members will be high ranking fighters looking to be the most powerful group on the server. With that being said, a town is usually a safe zone until it gets targeted. If your town is targeted, you will be contacted by the Godfather of the server. The server owner is currently the Godfather on the server. When a town gets targeted by an enemy it is called “Ordering a hit” and a certain ritual then takes place. A player will pay the Godfather a minimum of $5 trillion dollars. Ordering a successful hit will only occur if you pay xWarchief1569x $5 trillion dollars. Doing so will result in an announcement in general chat stating the towns name, how long it has been declared a warzone for, the date, and the time it has been declared a warzone. For example: Carthage has been declared a warzone for three days! Starting January 23rd, 2019 at 9:33 Pm and ending January 26th, 2019 at 9:33 Pm. The owner of the town will then be removed and replaced with a member of staff. It will more than likely be the Godfather. Player versus player, destroy, item use, switch, explosions, fire spread, and mob spawns will be turned on in that town for a total of three days. However, there is a way to stop this from happening. The town owner will be informed. The targeted town may bribe the Godfather, xWarchief1569x, with protection money. It costs half of what the hit costs to be protected for two weeks. This only applies to a town that has been targeted. A player will have to actually pay xWarchief1569x $5 Trillion dollars to show he is serious about the hit. A player will also have to pay the Godfather $2.5 trillion dollars if serious about being protected for two weeks. The money will be refunded to the player ordering the hit if the targeted town pays off the protection money. A player can do this to a town as long as he or she has the cash to do so, that includes putting out a hit that lasts longer than three days and putting a hit on as many towns as you like (unless that town paid for protection). A standard hit lasts three days. A hit goes up in three-day increments and it costs an extra $5 trillion dollars to do so. For example, declaring a town a warzone for 6 days costs $10 trillion dollars. The town will be informed and will have to pay half of what the hit costs for protection. So, in this case, a player would have to pay $5 trillion dollars to have the town protected for two weeks. If the mayor is not online the co-mayor will be contacted. If there is no co-mayor, then the town assistants will be contacted. If you do not have the exact amount the protection money costs, then your town will be declared a warzone. Town and nation owners will be asked to add staff on discord. This will allow for better communication. Hits happen quick. It is the mayor, co-mayors, and assistants of the town’s responsibility to remember when the town paid for protection. Staff will also be remembering the dates and times, but it is mandatory for the players involved in the deal to take a screen shots as evidence to show staff if anything goes wrong. Players are allowed to put a hit out on allied towns as well. If you want to betray your allies, by all means, go ahead. Just know, that hit will costs at least $5 trillion to do so.
  5. Forge groups and alliances. Smaller towns will be picked on by the larger ones. Sometimes it is better to be a part of something bigger before you go out and try it on your own. 
  6. If you join a town it is your responsibility to help the town. If a town member goes out of his or her way to hinder town objectives, then that player will be seen as an issue. Report these players to staff and they will be dealt with appropriately. If anything, just kick the player out of the town and declare the individual an outlaw. That should send the message across to other towns who may potentially recruit that specific resident in the future. This will show everyone that player is a troublemaker and that he or she is not there to have fun on the server, like everyone else.
  7. Insiding is allowed. If all of your locations get revealed, then I don’t care. This server is cruel and unforgiving. Insiding is a strategy used by very powerful players looking to get vital information. Players are allowed to bribe, inside, and kill other players until they get the information they are looking for. However, insiding cannot negatively affect the well-being of a town or a nation. For example, if you send a player to go and inside a town or nation and he or she steals money, steals items, or tries to disband it then that player will be permanently, or IP banned without the chance of appeal. On this server, insiding is more about gathering information on your enemy. Mayors and nation owners will be making good use of counterintelligence tactics to prevent their town or nation from being insided. Keep it classy and don’t take it too far. This rule will be heavily enforced on players who do not follow it.
  8. Griefing in the wilderness is allowed.
  9. Border griefing a town is always allowed, regardless of whether or not you are at war with the town. On the contrary, Griefing inside a town while it is not declared a warzone is not allowed. Anyone who griefs inside a protected area will be punished with a permanent ban. Staff will roll back anything pesky town members did to damage the image of a town. If staff have to get involved at least one player has to get banned for a roll back to happen. This is only avoidable if the griefing town member meets the following criteria. The owner of the town will be asked how much the fine is for committing such a crime. I don’t care what the amount is. If the griefer does not pay the fine, then he will be permanently banned for abusing trust to grief a town. This is not tolerable, at all. In summary if a member of your town griefs you then please do the following. Inform the griefer what the fine is for griefing the town, if the player doesn’t pay the fine inform staff, staff will give the individual one last chance to pay the fine, after that tell the staff member what needs to be rolled back once the griefer is permanently banned.
  10. You are not allowed to create a drop spawner for a hostile mob spawners. Hostile mobs, slimes, as well as lava slimes have to be able to attack you. This is because these mobs drop relics. You are able to make a drop spawner for a few specific mobs. For example, an auto cooker is allowed to have a pig spawner that drops pigs. Slimes and lava slimes are classified as non-hostile mobs, but they still have to be able to attack you. With that being said you are not allowed to make a drop spawner for the following mobs. This includes creeper, spider, skeleton, silverfish, cave spider, zombie, zombie pigmen, Endermen, blaze, guardian, slime, and lava slime. You are allowed to make a drop spawner for the following mobs. This includes cow, chicken, sheep, ocelot, pig, mooshroom, and iron golem.
  11. When you make a deal on this server please take a screen shot of it. If anything goes wrong a player can easily contact staff, show the screen shot as proof, and get what is rightfully his or hers as long as there is screenshotted evidence. Without a movie clip or screen shot to use as proof there is little staff can do to help. Staff need evidence. Anything that is said without proper evidence will be seen as hear say. For those of you who do not know what that means it is a bunch of he said she said. Staff will not deal with players trying to ban other players for the fun of it. If you are accused of trying to get players banned then you, yourself, will be permanently banned.
  12. Absolutely no hacked clients are allowed on this server! Anyone caught using a hacked client will be banned for three days. Continue to use a hacked client and you will be permanently banned. If the case is severe enough then failure to comply with warnings can result in a staff member IP banning a player after continuously failing to follow the rules.
  13. Harassment is NOT allowed. Harassing a player is when you make death threats and verbally assault another player. This will result in a thirty-minute mute. Continuing to harass a player will result in a three-day ban. If you keep harassing the player after all of that has happened, you will be permanently banned.
  14. Players are allowed to talk smack back and forth to one another. These are the rules for talking smack. By no means are you to go out there and make a threat that carries over to real life. Keep it classy. I want all smack talking to remain on the server. What happens on the server, stays on the server. Do not let this carry over to real life. You are allowed to threaten war and make war related threats. Please to not involve real life family members. You may talk smack about a player’s fellow clansmen but not that players brother, sister, son, daughter, mother, father, cousin, relative, grandma, or grandpa, etc. After a war happens keep all bragging in private chats. Winners are allowed to make a few edgy comments but don’t overdo it. Try to keep that stuff in discord and direct message. Again, you may mention it a couple times in the general chat but over doing it will result in a mute. If you are sick of a player, then by all means do /ignore (player name). Insulting a player in general chat must also remain classy. 
  15. A player may have a maximum of one alternate account on this server. If staff figure out a player has more than one alternate account on the server then all, but the single alternate account allowed and the main one, will be permanently banned from the server. Do not flood the server with alternate accounts please.
  16. Do not mention private parts on this server. Bear in mind children play here. Doing this will result in a 30-minute mute. Keep doing it and it will result in a three-day ban. However, this type of language is allowed in local chat, town chat, group chat, and private message. Do not bring this to the general chat or advertisement chat please.
  17. Trying to get nudes from children will result in a permanent or IP ban with no chance of an appeal. I have a zero-tolerance policy for you god damn pedophiles. We are going to call Chris Hansen and give him your Minecraft username as well.
  18. After completing a coin flip if you choose to brag excessively and harass the player who lost then that will result in a 15-minute or longer mute. Keep doing it then it will result in a three-day ban. Failure to comply with staff furthermore will result in a permanent ban. When you play coin flip and win or lose it is polite to say “gg” or “gg wp.”
  19. If you do a coin flip and then try to say that you did not mean to do the coin flip and ask for the money back this will result in a 15-minute or longer mute. If you keep insisting that you are owed money, then you will be punished with three-day ban.
  20. If someone puts up a very large coin flip and multiple people chip in money to do a coin flip that has been posted, it is the responsibility of the person doing the coin flip to give the payouts if the group going up against the high rolling coin flipper wins. Payouts will not be handed out if the group going up against the high rolling coin flipper loses. With that being said, take screen shots of the money you send a player to chip in for a coin flip. Also take a screen shot of the deal you intend on making with the person who will be doing the coin flip. Staff can read through chat logs but make our job easier by taking screen shots as proof in case the deal goes sour.
  21. There is a difference between asking a player to do a coin flip and harassment. If you harass a player for not doing your coin flip you will be muted. If you keep doing it after you have been muted, you will be banned. If you keep it up after that you will be permanently banned.
  22. Typing racial slurs will result in an automatic 15-minute or longer mute. Spamming racial slurs will result in a three-day ban. Repeated usage of a racial slur can result in a permanent ban. Do not use racial slurs on my server. This server welcomes all walks of life. Here, we foster all races, LGBTQ, and whatever else you claim to be. Rule 22 protects you from being harassed on this server. If you are harassed for presenting yourself as what you are then please contact staff and take it up with them. Players who abuse rule 22 will, eventually, find that he or she will no longer be playing here. Do not use hatred as a means of psychological warfare. Players may kill one another in game and talk trash but that cannot involve using racial slurs or any type of slur that represents hatred for a player because of what they present themselves to be. If you act like a bigot, you will be dealt with.
  23. Swearing is allowed. However, excessive swearing at a player is considered harassment. That is dealt with the following procedure found in rule 3. Excessive swearing at staff will result in a permanent or IP ban. 
  24. Take all arguments to local, private, town, or party chat. If you raise hell in general chat and are asked to quiet down, then do so. Failure to follow rule 24 will result in a 15 minute or longer mute. If you are known to abuse this rule and keep doing so you will be banned for three days. In extreme cases a player who has been banned several times for breaking this rule will be punished with a permanent or IP ban from the server.
  25. There is an extremely strict policy regarding the spawning of items. No items will be spawned. All items attained are either bought or gathered legitimately. Staff will roll back griefs but will NEVER spawn a player an item. Players who abuse rollbacks will be IP banned without the possibility of redemption.
  26. Do NOT beg for money. Doing so will result in a 15-minute or longer mute. Continuing to beg for money after you have been muted will result in a three-day ban. If you keep begging after you have been muted and banned, then you will be permanently banned as a result of being annoying.
  27. Advertising other servers will result in a permanent ban. If you spam the IP address of another server this will result in a permanent or IP ban with no chance of appeal. 
  28. Advertising in global chat is NOT allowed.
  29. Players are allowed to advertise while playing on this server. All advertisements are to be in in advertisement chat. Do /adc to access this chat. Players are allowed to tradeable goods, towns, nations, mercenary costs, and recruitment. A player is only allowed to advertise once every thirty seconds. If you can’t time it then advertise once every minute. If you see the clock change by at least one minute, then you are more than welcome to put up an advertisement. Do not spam the chat or abuse /adc. Do so and you will be muted for 15-minutes or longer, banned for three days, then permanently banned if you keep it up.
  30. If you build a lag machine staff will permanently ban you from the server. If you continue to do so, then my team of staff will IP ban you from the server with no chance of an appeal.
  31. Whoever spawns the Ender Dragon is not owed the reward of what one gets from killing the beast. Once the Ender Dragon is spawned it is fair game for every player on the server to go and kill. The reward goes to the player who kills the dragon. Whoever receives the reward does not have to give payouts unless bargaining about giving a payout beforehand with the players he or she planned on killing the beast with. If there is no screen shot of a player agreeing to split the reward money with other players who slayed the dragon then no payouts will be handed out. Again, take screen shots of any and all deals you do with other players on this server. The Ender Dragon is fair game to everyone. This rule really only applies to groups who go create a deal, go after the dragon together, and successfully kill it. If you make a contract and take a screen shot. Ultimately, the Ender Dragon is fair game to every player on the server. Don’t think you are owed anything just because you are the one who spawned it. Only the person who kills it will reap the cash reward.
  32. Teleportation killing is not allowed. Do not abuse the trust of another player by asking him or her to teleport to you, and then kill them. This is punishable by a three-day ban. Failure to comply with rule 32 will result in a permanent ban or an IP ban. If you wish to kill another player, it has to be done right. Either catch your victim out in the wilderness or challenge them to a player versus player battle.
  33. Any form of scamming is forbidden. Staff will not tolerate this at all. If you are caught scamming, you will be banned for three days. If you scam again after you have been banned, you will be permanently banned. Failure to listen any further will result in an IP ban. Take screen shots or try to record those who have scammed you. If you have sufficient evidence show it to staff and they will deal with the scammer and try their best to reimburse you for what the scammer stole from your wallet or tradeable goods.
  34. Selling currency is illegal. If you are caught selling currency on the server, you will receive a permanent or IP ban without the chance of appeal.
  35. Make sure you type in the full name of the player you are trying to pay. If you pay the wrong person there is nothing staff can do to return the cash that you accidentally sent to another player. Staff will not compensate mistakes like this, and it is your responsibility to make sure you send the right amount to the player you are trying to pay.
  36. If you use a hacked client or a bot to earn cash on the server, then your balance will be rolled back to zero dollars and you will be permanently, or IP banned from the server. Staff will not deal with players who earn currency illegitimately. All grinding has to be done by the player, not a program or a machine. Also, if you try to use a hacked client or a bot to earn cash and then proceed to pay other players with the cash you have made illegally, then you and all the players who you sent the money to will suffer the same fate. Staff will wipe your balance and permanently, or IP ban you all from the server. Players involved in the case will be asked to return any illegitimate money for a three-day ban, a balance wiping, or even a mute. If you were simply given money from a guy who was permanently banned, and you think you were set up then take it up with staff. My team of staff have access to chat logs and much more. Failure to follow rule 36 will result in you forfeiting your right to be able to play on the server.
  37. All IRL deals have to go through the server. Players are not allowed to trade in game currency for monetary gain, personal requests, or purchases outside of the server store with other players. This means that if you want to purchase something with in game cash it has to be bought on the server store website. Players who abuse this will be permanently or IP banned from the server without a chance of appeal.